The World on Wheels, (two volumes)
True tales of the Cycle and Motor Industries, origin & progress
by Duncan, H. O. (Herbert Osbaldeston).
World on Wheels, H.O Duncan, Paris 1926

ID Number: 40687
Herbert Osbaldeston Duncan
Place Published: Paris
Date Published: n.d.

Description: Cloth, 4to. 582 p, (618 p.). 1200 pages total.
Anecdotal history of automobiles beginning with the origin of the wheel. Covers ancient roads and vehicles in the near and far east, Europe and the United States, story of pneumatic tyres, famous pioneers, world tours and expeditions, sensational motor-car drives and all the personalities involved. Written by Herbert Duncan with the help of the pianist Ernest Vavin (to whom the book is dedicated) over the course of six years this book is well illustrated with photographs and old cuts. Volume One comprises parts one through eight and volume two comprises parts nine through nineteen.

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